Saturday, July 9, 2016


A: Could You take off your flag please? B: Why should I? A: because it seems to me You want to show that You belong somewhere U do not... B: I do not understand... let’s say I’m Italian, I’ll raise the white/red/green flag and show everybody that I feel proud about it, even if I do not eat pizza because I’m celiac. After all it is nice to feel that I belong to same place, that I feel like home and I feel very well among all the people from my country. A: Did You say “MY country”? B: I did? A: I’m not from YOUR country, I’m from a different place, Should I feel welcome here in YOUR country? And can u tell me why do You think we use this words “MY, YOUR” associated with country? B: I suppose is just a matter of tradition, I use it since I was a child, as I grew up here I adopt Religion, language, rules of the place and I feel proud about this culture. A: Could You tell why? I assume You are Catholic, You speak italian and You respect the rules. B: umh...emh... I don’t know, is just the way it is, is something I did never think about. By the way I’m atheist. A: So You feel proud of what You think YOUR country is? B: Yes. By the way I speak italian but I feel more confortable speaking in English. A: Then from a individual perspective and Your own interpretation you understand that everybody thinks exactly as You do just because they are born in the same land, that’s my interpretation... just trying to understand, seems really complicated to me. I thought that being a part of the community is something more, let’s say work together to reach a common goal, could be a Religion, a monetary status, a political idea, a better system of rules suitable for all the community. B: No rules will be suitable for everybody, there are always exceptions... By the way I think several rules should be changed. A: Then what’s the point of having a flag? B: I will have a look on Internet to find the meaning, here it is: a small piece of cloth or paper fixed to a stick or pin that is sold on flagday, that's what the dictionary says, I will add sold during football match, or independence day.

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