Tuesday, July 12, 2016


"Beaches" sounds to a foreign as "bitches"... Is there any difference between the two words? Prostitution is not a subject to discuss in a few lines. I suppose that if it comes about Beaches, everybody agrees that is a wonderful way to spend holidays even if "holy" is something an atheists will not appreciate. Than I will say Beaches a wonderful way to spend the day! What about the night? No doubts, day and night sound very different close to the beach. There is something sexual about the people living close to the beaches, maybe is why, at the moment, I feel a little confused about the word I just pronounced. We all have this memory of a summer romance, just think about it once in a while, it will make You feel better, feel attractive, more close to the beach than You think. Take your favorite book, if you prefer your headphones "they could even save your life", take your cream (of course organic) and lay down, lay down, make yourself go down into the sand, leave your thoughts touch the worm, forget about any hurry, let the summer mood take control of the moment. I found this pictures from Gray Malin, he has this "bird eye" pictures, they help to see the beaches from a different angle. I never thought they could be so geometrical, so colorful, so relaxing, I always thought they where bitches... Now I suppose I will start to talk about perspective, but judge from yourself, I think he is a great photographer doesn't matter here which is the aim of his pictures.

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