Thursday, July 28, 2016


Asylum, of course You can play. Is that a psychiatric? is that a political space? is that a geriatric?... You will see which one do You prefer, it only will depend from your background. I suppose Julian Rosefeldt likes to play with this word. Asylum, in this work, will claim a significance that is enigmatic for the actual average European mind. I bet the "European" standing will not see himself in the motion, he will never think that the past is made of presents pictures only with other colors, that once we were the ones begging for Asylum, selling roses, working in kitchen, selling papers or dolls, and housekeeping different spaces. The cliche of this work art is that there is no "European", let's say no "Occidental", let's say the "being" from a developed country (Europe raise itself has developed, I think Europe should look at the mirror and think if DEVELOPED is not a cliche here, Envelope {understanding that our mind in Europe in turning on itself, making a beautiful curve of closeness} maybe is a better word). Look at the motion please, and find yourself somewhere, than the cliche will recovery itself and help You to understand that your daily reality is only created by your feeling of being different, by your lack of empathy and the pretension of being better than the immigrant You are watching on the screen. Far from their home, they do what they can, what they are expected by Europe to do, what "Europeans" allow them to do. These motions are the essence of the Asylum, is the immigrant crazy? (Maybe the answer is Yes) Is anyone out of his mind to go and live anywhere else than his/her country? Is this new land the Asylum? I think so. Why the immigrant is crazy? Because of War? Because of the persecution? Because of hunger? Maybe all this reason together. Then Europe is the director of the Asylum, and choosing which treatment will be the most effective for the IMMIGRANT/PATIENT. Europe is a political Space/Asylum. It may be radical comparing an immigrant with a sick person, but still in "EUROPE" there is this cliche of the difference, of being better because of the place we were born, because of our historical heritage. See the criteria here, it is purely judgmental. If someone coming from USA set and live in Europe, we will not apply the criteria. Historically USA was a "melting pot" (there was a time that everyone loved this word/ these time are over/ listen to the song of Florence and the Machine "dog days are over"), as far as history tells, the European escaped and went to live to the protoUSA in order to survive and be free from oppression. I guess the land there, over the Ocean, was an Asylum at that time. You will barely find someone who will use the word immigrant to define someone coming from USA/EUROPE/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/SOUTH AFRICA/JAPAN. You will barely find in an art work the first (the first world is a very unconscious way to make the difference between countries) world? Now go to the exhibition, the cliche there, is ME (if You try You can imagine someone of your family in this situation) over and over, THIS cliche is everyone of us in different time and Asylum.


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